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At Buck Ridge Cattle Company we aim to produce high-quality, functional cattle that combine cutting-edge EPDs, high performance and industry-leading genetics. Buck Ridge bulls are specifically bred and developed to add value to seedstock and commercial cowherds. We have aggressive AI and embryo transplant programs, which we use to continually improve our product. If you have any questions about our program, please give us a call or check out our website for more details. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you what Buck Ridge bulls can do for your herd.

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Time seems to be flying by here at the farm since the last time we updated you. Since then, we have experienced some very dry conditions throughout the month of July and the early part of August. We have been able to make it through the dry parts of the summer without overgrazing our pastures or depleting our hay stock. Dry summers really reinforce and remind us that rotational grazing and slightly under grazing are good practices for us. Since the later part of August, we have been extremely blessed with rain fall and the pastures have really responded well. Fall calving season is upon us and the next generation of calves are dropping daily. We are excited about them! On top of the day to day of calving season, we have been staying busy with building new fence and water systems for rotational grazing at the Mansfield farm. We are making great progress and it’s very exciting for us to have this system in place. We have an outstanding set of fall yearling bulls that are available and will be ready for light use this coming breeding season. Also, be on the lookout for our upcoming “On Target Online Sales” (hosted at rrmarketplace.com), consignments to “The Limousin Summit Sale” on October 6th, and consignments to the “Heart of Missouri Sale” in Lebanon, MO on October 15th. Please feel free to stop by or call anytime. We would love to discuss the cattle industry and Buck Ridge genetics. 8/30/18 BR

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