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At Buck Ridge Cattle Company we aim to produce high-quality, functional cattle that combine cutting-edge EPDs, high performance and industry-leading genetics. Buck Ridge bulls are specifically bred and developed to add value to seedstock and commercial cowherds. We have aggressive AI and embryo transplant programs, which we use to continually improve our product. If you have any questions about our program, please give us a call or check out our website for more details. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you what Buck Ridge bulls can do for your herd.

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Muddy and wet seem like the most fitting words to describe our winter so far. While it has been challenging at times, we are blessed to have the moisture and look forward to favorable grass growing conditions this spring. The herd has handled the less than ideal conditions well and we are happy to still be grazing a large portion of the herd on stockpiled fescue with some hay supplementation. We continue to become bigger and bigger believers in stockpiled fescue. The cows and calves perform excellent on it. We had a busy fall and winter with embryo and A.I. breeding projects with about 215 females being bred. Initial ultrasound pregnancy checks have been completed to determine if the cows settled to the A.I. or Embryo. We try to do this around 60 days post breeding to insure accurate pregnancy status. We currently have an awesome group of bred heifers and two select herd sire prospects for sale in our ‘On Target 5A’ online sale which will be held March 11 on https://l365auctions.com/auction/4583. We are very proud of this group and feel like they represent our breeding program well. Please feel free to stop by the farm or give us a call. We love to talk cattle and would appreciate the opportunity to show you what Buck Ridge genetics can do for your herd.

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