About Us

Our ancestors and family have lived on the North Fork river in southern Missouri for several generations. Alva Hodgson built the Dawt Mill around the turn of the century. Alva's grandson, Clyde King, ended up owning and farming a good portion of the land surrounding the mill area. Clyde and Chloezell King raised their family on the banks of the river and provided an absolutely wonderful home for all the grandkids to visit on holidays and summers.

Clyde and Chloezell were my Grandparents and Logan's Great Grandparents. As a result of their hard work, their farm was left to their family and I was fortunate to be able to acquire my Mother's portion. The whole farm is still in the family as it is a unique place that encompasses over a mile of the river.

Today we are utilizing our families' home to raise Limousin cattle. Our goal at Buck Ridge Limousin is simple -- produce high quality seedstock at reasonable costs. We have aggressive A.I. and embryo programs complemented with quality dams cleaned up in the pasture by our A.I. listed sires. We continually try and improve to make the next generation of offspring even better. Come by or contact us at any time.