About Us

At Buck Ridge Cattle Company, we strive to produce quality, functional cattle that combine cutting-edge EPDs, high performance and industry-leading genetics. Buck Ridge cattle are specifically bred and developed to add value to seedstock and commercial cow herds. Our cattle are created to have exceptional pedigree, phenotype, performance, and EPDs. We believe in highly fertile females that will make a living on our Southern Missouri, fescue-based pastures. Our bulls and heifers are developed on pasture at all times so that they are acclimated to grazing. We believe Mother Nature is their best caretaker.

Our operation today is based on family roots with parts of our farm being passed down through generations. We are proud that our newest family member, Lincoln Tyler Haden, is the 7th generation on the original family farm. Our land base has grown to over 1,000 acres of pasture and hay ground. We have humble beginnings in the cattle industry, starting with 9 cows in 2002 to currently 200 producing females.

Today we are utilizing our families' home to raise Limousin, Lim-Flex, and Angus cattle. Our goal at Buck Ridge Cattle Company is simple -- produce high quality seedstock that add value to our customers’ cattle. We continually work harder to make the next generation of Buck Ridge cattle even better than the last. Raising the best cattle we can is our life’s passion and one we have poured a lot of work and effort into. The Lord has graciously blessed us with the land, cattle, and passion that make up Buck Ridge. We welcome visitors to call, e-mail, or stop by the farm anytime.